Our team large experience comes from BD (Barcos Deportivos) Shipyard specialized in superyachts, and therefore with great knowledge and experience in the construction of great products quality.

This shipyard was dedicated to the development of superyachts, (vessels of more than 24 meters length) and maximum quality, so-called "One off", because each one is unique and special for the client. It was set up over twenty years ago and has achieved an unbeatable position in the global market, placed near Barcelona, Spain, as a cradle of great experience and potential.

Currently, the company and his collaborators have maintained the know-how, doing more activity of repair and manufacture of smaller units, with lower risk and greater marketing, which has kept professionals and expertise in the area.

We have built sailing boats in high technology such as SYL (German Frers, 143'), mastered with both steel and aluminum and awarded with The Most Innovative Sailing Yacht by Showboats International in Monaco the 2004. Another example is the Fortuny (German Frers, 80') that was manufactured with composite materials like fiber or carbon.

Furthermore, we should point out to the manufacturers of these superyachts, the consolidation of the expertise in Spain on the construction of the TP 52 Quantum and similar for the BMW Oracle team.

Given the nature of the tasks covered in this project, is essential to have professionals specialized in different areas; the ones whose solvency is very difficult to bring together in a single company or partner.

This is the reason why we decided to create these alliances that were allowing to have the guarantee of the quality and performance in an innovative project, but at the same time ensuring the future process of production, with an outline design, work and operation ready for growing.

Our luxury yachts are born from shipbuilding experience and draw on expertise in planning, design, and execution. The finest features of our team and partners boat building heritage are integrated to produce a modern yacht of surpassing style and quality. Collaboration with world-renowned naval architect, BYD Group Yacht Architects has resulted in the unveiling of award winning vessels from industry topping yacht manufacturers.