BYD Group

BYD Group is a company located in Barcelona with a large international experience in all kinds of nautical projects, specialized in the design of yachts. Their members can be proud of having worked and participated for more than a decade with some of the best international designers and in a number of ambitious and vanguard projects, as well as in technology in the design process. This allows BYD Group to rely on a network of collaborators and providers on national and international level, liable to face any upcoming challenge. BYD Group is compound by engineers who have graduated in remarkable universities of Europe, such as Southampton University and Institute, specialized in yacht design, ELISAVA design school and renowned Italian schools for interior design. Today BYD Group is using the most sophisticated design technologies on the market.

Address : Barcelona Yacht Design Group S.L. Tel: +34 933091700


Trimarine is a project management company that was founded in 1995 to develop weight optimized solutions for marine applications.
They are specialized in the process engineering, breitling navitimer replica construction, systems design and fit-out of racing and high-performance cruising yachts using advanced composites.
They offer a fully integrated series of services that include the engineering, study, planning and production of complete structures for marine, industrial and civil engineering applications, as well as the development and certification of specific construction processes in line with customer requirements.
We have worked together in the production of TP52 boats and the vessel Fortuny.

Address: Trimarine Advanced Marine Projects Ltd.
Tel: +44 (0)1983 884711

Cape Horn Engineering

In 2011 Cape Horn Engineering was approached by Barcelona Yacht Design Group to collaborate in the design of a very innovative yacht concept; the cross between a cruiser-racer sailing yacht and a speed boat, code named BD-56. As experts in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), the team at Cape Horn Engineering could apply some of the lessons learnt during the design of 3 consecutive wins of the Volvo Ocean Race to make a positive contribution to the design of the BD-56.
The same type of well validated CFD simulations as for ocean racing yachts (VOR-70 and IMOCA-60) were run for the BD-56 to understand the differences between a pure racing yacht and this concept design. The BD-56 has got a somewhat larger displacement for its length compared to a racing yacht, but has the capability to achieve very high speeds under motor, while at the same time having a more than acceptable sailing performance by using modern construction materials and design features like a planning hull with chines, twin rudders, T-keel etc.
The powerful transom mounted engines with their weight aft proved to be challenging and needed a careful look at the hull volume distribution, as well as the position of the keel and ballast bulb to compensate for the weight aft, and thus the position of the sail plan to obtain a well-balanced yacht under sail navigation. The simulations were essential to come up with the right size of keel and rudder areas, as well as the position and size of the sail plan.
All in all, the design of the BD-56 has been a very interesting hydrodynamic challenge for Cape Horn Engineering and we are very proud of our contribution to this novel design concept.

Address: Cape Horn Engineering Ltd.
Tel: +44 (0)7821 717 383


The BD56 has the draft of a motor boat and will be for sure the closest sailboat to the coast in most mooring, showing her mast and modern design to shore.
In order to fulfil the complete design, BYD design team has though the boat with the latest technology concerning maneuvering and bringing it to a taste of Easy Sailing. This is in order to help the owner to sail the boat by finger touch hydraulic assisted.
« Tenderlift yacht hydraulic » system has been chosen to define up to which stage the maneuver can be assisted keeping in mind the reliability, safety and weight consideration for this assisted maneuver. Thanks to their latest patented product:
Composite Trimmer, which creates carbon cylinder few lighter than the competitor and able to make long stroke for most sail control onboard. This is the opportunity to clean the deck and save weight as well as having a button to trim the boat. In order to avoid mistake, all hydraulic maneuvers are fitted with load sensors which indicate to the skipper the power he has in the finger as well as alarm and automatic release in certain conditions: excessive heel, too high loads, emergency conditions. This assisted hydraulic maneuver will be decline to most of the sail controls:
FWD furlers, Main sail Furler, Vang, solent sheet, keel... The experience of Tenderlift in that field proved that the hydraulic solutions can be considered not much heavier than the standard at reasonable cost and maintenance. These are the future in sailing.
The BYD 56 is not a boat to go around the world but mostly for friends and family day, week end or summer vacations sailing. For that, and in order to bring the best efficiency when motoring, the design team has fitted it with a hidden and powerful outboard engine. This solution is the lightest and easy maintenance to drive a boat at high speed in the often-light air of Mediterranean or Caribbean during summer.

Tel/Fax: 04 68 73 59 12
Mobile: 06 71 03 27 46 / 06 80 71 88 94

Dassault systèmes

CATIA’s Design, Engineering and Systems Engineering applications are the heart of Industry Solution Experiences from Dassault Systèmes to address specific industry needs. This revolutionizes the way organizations conceive, develop and realize new products, delivering competitive edge through innovative customer experiences.
The advanced design tool CATIA of Dassault systèmes, specialist in solutions for the management of the life cycle of products and 3D, has allowed the company BYD Group, yacht design step, triple productivity in their engineering processes and improved access in real time to the product information.
Some of the most important capabilities of Catia to BYD Group were the advanced tools for the design of surfaces; quick and accurate 3D modelling; the possibility of repeating again and again the analysis of designs and the module of rendering in real time, used to create presentations that create an impact on the client. In addition, jobs for the design of piping attend engineering system while 3DXML provides a standard for the exchange of information with shipyards, customers and suppliers. The 'knowledgeware' capabilities of CATIA ensure also the flexibility to include the changes quickly and easily.